One thought on “Yurodny @ Grand Social

  1. The Yurodny SciLens project, launched in August 2012, involved the design and build of new gestural interfaces; physical and virtual electronics that map physical movement data in real time and lead to the development of a new language for the contemporary interpretation of traditional music.

    This January, presented as part of the Diatribe Launch Series 2013, the group will unveil how this new technology works in a live performance that also includes video pieces by Yellow Brick Media and a live DJ set by Zoid.

    SciLens and the Diatribe Launch Series are funded by the Arts Council of Ireland

    In March and April of this year, Yurodny SciLens will travel to Scandinavia to work with leading experts in the field of gestural electronics in Denmark and Norway. For this the Yurodny Ensemble received the EU Presidency Award for Culture 2013 from Culture Ireland.

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